Since 1996, 402automotive.com organizes more than 20 automotive events a year. These specialized events focus on specific topics within the automotive communites such as classics/old-timers, supercar, custom cars and exclusive cars. And that creates opportunities for your company!

The events are characterized by a varied programme. With numerous activities on the paddocks of the event locations in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, such as F1 Track Zandvoort, MotoGP TT Circuit Assen, Autotron Rosmalen, Rotterdam AHOY, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Circuit Zolder Racepark Meppen, Circuit Zolder, Breda International Airport, Nürburgring, Martini Plaza Groningen. Brabanthallen Den Bosch and Airport Weeze. But also program components on the circuit or race arena, including Drag Races/Sprints, Trackdriving, Time Attack, Drift or Races.

Car clubs are an important part of the events; dozens of clubs and associations are present at each event with the most beautiful cars. In addition, the events offer an excellent platform for business, whether it concerns the sale of accessories or branding of brands.

402 works with a core team at the office in The Netherlands (HOEVEN). This team takes care of the marketing and sales of all events, maintains contacts with companies and clubs and visitors. By means of a website per event and by means of social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok, among others. In addition, the production of the events is also coordinated, with 402 being supported by a large group of freelancers and volunteers, each with their own specialty such as Track, Paddock, Ticketscanning,  Entertainment, Presentation.

402 also works with a number of professional suppliers in the field of security, audiovisual resources and production resources such as barriers, power, catering, etc. Furthermore, a group of moderators/newsmakers who are active on social media pages, including Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram.
Take a look at the link below to view the 402 events in Europe and the Middle-East.
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Online Communities

Apart from the automotive events, 402 is also active in the field of online communities. 402 is the publisher of the Proudwheels App, a social media platform for petrolheads. 402 is also the publisher of the platform Hart voor Auto's, a media company with a busy car news site, YouTube channel, and active social media channels.

From Europe to the Middle-East

In the weekend of 4 and 5 November 2023, an amazing car show will take place under the name "Automadness Dubai".

At the Autodrome in Dubai, where the track is mostly in use for autodriving and race events, public car festivals are marginally organised. One of the biggest car show specialists form Europe will come to the Emirates with three major "pillars": supercars, Japanese showcars and muscle cars!
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Ronald van den Broek, Managing Director
Dirk-Jan Verhoef, Head of Sales
Robert Doornbos, Partner
Laurits van den Broek, Head of Marketing
Stijn Dekker, Head of Social Media
Stefan Lint, Campaign Manager
Christianne Lepoeter, Office Management
Melstan Smith, Content Creator
Dennis van Hemert, Production & Marketing

Sales Dubai Based
Thomas Cox, Sales and marketing
Robert Passtoors, Sales and marketing


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