Auto Madness Dubai

In the weekend of 4 and 5 November 2023, a new public car festival will take place under the name "Automadness Dubai".

One of the biggest car show specialists form Europe will come to the Emirates with four major "pillars": supercars & hypercars, jdm & custom cars, exclusive cars and performance and muscle cars! Carshow organiser 402 with over 27 years of experience which attracts over 300.000 visitors a year in Europe will bring the carculture in Dubai together with thousands of visitors from abroad together in a never-seen show with all aspects of the carscenes in Dubai. With music and entertainment, family and kids experiences, drifting and dragracing, supercar parades, exhibitors from the automotive and fashion and lifestyle scene and much more!




    Since 2014, the event specialists of 402 have been active with supercar events in Europe. TT Circuit Assen, Circuit Zandvoort, Circuit Zolder and the Austrian Salzburgring are locations where the hypercars and supercars from Europe find their way for an amazing line-up every year; from Koenigsegg to Apollo, from Pagani to Lamborghini or from Bugattti to Ferrari! Where better to top these lineups than in the Emirates. Supercars and hypercars, supplemented with the best DJs from the musicfestival country of the Netherlands, youtubers and influencers from all over the world who provide a mega online exposure worldwide. SCM Dubai is not to be missed if you are a fan of million-dollar cars! 


    The American Car scene in Dubai is hotter than ever, with thousands of Mustangs, Camaros, Dodge, Vans in the Emirates, it's time for an event concept that has been causing a stir in Europe for decades and still amazes!. There will be a big American showpaddock as well as a huge paddock for other brands where the owner dediced to pump the horsepower section!


    The JDM scene has been hot in Europe for over 20 years. JapFest has been the largest one-day car show in the world in Zandvoort and Assen for years, with more than 2500 Japanese show cars. Featuring Drag Racing, Burnout Madness, Drifting and much more, this concept will bring the Middle East JDM scene together for the first time in the Emirates in a whirlwind car show! Apart from the extreme styling and performance of the Japanese brands all other custom cars get a warm welcome from Automadness' visitors!


    The Classic car scene exploded in the last 5 years, where from abroad all kinds of classic cars and young supercars are imported to the Emirates colouring the Dubai carculture. You can expect a wide variety of classics and young classics like a Lamborghini Diablo, Lancia Delta, BMW M3 E30 and so on.




    Influencers, youtubers and artists are petrolhead as well and you will have a good chance to meet well-known people from Europe or the Middle East. We will publish a list of special guests who will appear at the show!


    During AutoMadness there will be an impressive mix of cars from all over the automotive world. Supercars, hypercars and the most beautiful modified cars, tuning cars from America and Japan. Over 4000 showcars will visit the AutoMadness Weekdend at Dubai Autodrome.


    What is a car show without shops & stands? There will therefore be a wide range available. For your car but of course also for yourself! Soon a preview of which exhibitors you can expect.


    Dragraces can of course not be missed. The fastest street cars will participate in this part, and compete to be the first to reach the finish line.


    Auto Madness Dubai is also aiming at sustainability, innovation and electric vehicles. Expect a theme area with focus on these issues and display of attractive EV vehicles


    A carfestival without drifting is not a car festival. Drifting is a popular sport in development and attracting more and more competitors and visitors. At AutoMadness you get the chance to step in a passenger chair to feel the excitement of drifting.


    One of the most popular competitions in Europe is the Burnout Madness. This will provide a lot of spectacle. 100% guaranteed smoking tires and the smell of burnt rubber!


    In the Gaming zone you can set on the racing sims the fastest time on the world's most beautiful circuits!


    The Supercars will drive on the track! This results in ultimate moments of happiness for the visitor, because when do you see so many supercars racing past at top speed on the straight or one of the fast corners of the circuit.


    Naturally, the car community clubs play an important role during the event. A large part of the paddock will be set up for car and brand clubs from the UAE.


    During AutoMadness there will be many live action on the track but also on the paddock. Live motorswaps, live wrapping cars, live painting cars. See how these passionate car owners and companies adjust there cars.


    Cars, supplemented with the best DJs from the musicfestival country of the Netherlands, youtubers and influencers from all over the world who provide a mega online exposure worldwide.


    In the Kids Corner there will be various activities for children during Auto Madness Dubai




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